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Hi! My name is Dmitry. And this is my story…

When I was a child growing up in a small farming town in Belarus I became very interested in electronics. I began disassembling TVs, tape players and some of the first computers on the market. By the time I was 13, I was doing odd jobs for friends, family and neighbours repairing their simple electronics.

My professional career in the electrical industry began when I was in my 20’s. I was a contractor doing work for Intel. I did some renovations for labs, server rooms and large dining rooms that serviced over 2000 people. After 4 years I got an offer from Intel to come work directly for them in Israel. I was part of an Electrical team doing maintenance on such things as commercial building generators, transformers, security systems, fire alarm systems and special equipment that was used in testing their microprocessors.Intel_Inside_Logo.svg

Life was great but it became unsafe as the country went to war, and moving back to Belarus was not an option because of the political and economic terrain at the time. The next place I was to move to had to be stable and have good jobs. And of course, it had to have the same atmosphere as where I grew up. Small, quiet, and charming. That is, it had to be a small agricultural city where people smiled and waved. And that’s how I ended up moving to and starting a family as a Regina electrcian.

Since moving to Regina I have worked as an electrician for DLR Electric, Kirby Electric and Mr. Electric. One of my most memorable jobs was when I was working for Kirby Electric building the CO-OP gas station in Harbour Landing. It was my first year in Canada and getting familiar with Canadian code would have been very frustrating if it weren’t for the great team of people I was with.cal-fehr--dec-14-2011-4

After living here a few years I decided to get back to my roots. I missed the interaction with customers directly. When dealing with customers directly I get energized, no pun intended. The dynamic of the relationship changes entirely and I feel as though I’m helping my friends, family and neighbours as I did in my teens. So, after 12 years of working for large companies in the Electrical Industry, I decided to start Positive Electric in the Fall of 2014.

The name got created when I was thinking about electricity and how much it positively affects our daily lives. It’s hard for us to think of life without electricity. Things like having light at the touch of a switch, fridges to keep our food preserved longer, ovens to immediately cook food, computers to instantly communicate with each other regardless of location, furnaces to keep us warm in these long Saskatchewan winters, and of course something I couldn’t live without, my coffee maker and the rich hot coffee that starts my days positively.

Note: Positive Electric’s sole mission is to deliver an absolutely electrifying experience in all of our customer’s electrical needs.


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