Lighting Upgrades


Whether you run a business, farming or a happy home owner, high-quality lighting can help boost your aesthetic appeal to potential customers while providing an attractive working environment for your employees. Most savvy business owners will also keep a close eye on their energy costs – something that can be affected by the type of lighting they have installed in their premises.

Having the right lighting in your home can help improve its ambience and aesthetic appeal, while also making it more secure. Whether you are looking to upgrade the lights, save on energy costs or install new lighting for an extension, Positive Electric can provide the expert assistance you need. Our local Regina electricians are highly trained in all aspects of lighting design and installation, and always ensure that any fittings are carried out in accordance with the relevant safety regulations.

Choosing the right type of bulb is a crucial part of upgrading or installing new lights in your home. There are three types of light bulbs available on the market today: Halogen, CFL and LED.

Home Lighting Service

At Positive Electric, we have the necessary expertise to install or replace lights in any part of your home – from the kitchen to the garden – while advising on the best solutions for your unique requirements and budget.

Office and Emergency Lighting

From bulb replacements to complete design specification and installation, Positive Electric offers the complete solution.

Our service professionals have the necessary training and experience to install and maintain emergency lighting systems

Landscape and Security Lighting

With the right landscape and security lighting, you can draw customers in, make them feel safe and deter crime. Positive Electric can assist with the installation of motion detectors, floodlights, occupancy sensors and tree lights. We’re also able to design a lighting solution that’s energy efficient and meets the unique needs of your business.

Warehouse Lighting

Adequate lighting is key to the efficient operation of a warehouse. At Positive Electric, we can advise on the best lighting solutions for your warehouse, providing you with detailed designs ahead of installation and delivering the benefits of improved energy efficiency and reduced energy costs.

When you need a Regina electrician you can count on, one who will work around your schedule and perform professional, competitively priced work, count on Positive Electric.

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