Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Positive Electric provides full surge protection package from survey, through to installation, in line with all the requirements for any project.

It is essential to protect against transient over-voltages. Harmful transient over voltages can occur for many different reasons:

  • Direct lightning strikes to a structure. (L.E.M.P.) lightning electromagnetic pulse.
  • Indirect lightning strikes to a service line going into a structure.
  • Surges within the electric system of a structure. (S.E.M.P.) switching electromagnetic pulse.

Positive Electric can supply a range of products that are able to protect power supplies or equipment you may require.

The correct installation of effective surge protection measures/devices can prevent the often devastating effects of the above. Effective surge protection can:

  • Prevent dangerous sparking, a major cause of fire therefore preserving life.
  • Prevent major damage to circuits and expensive equipment.
  • Prevent potential info/data loss.
  • Prevent damage to sensitive/lifesaving equipment.
  • Prevent long periods of non-productive ‘down’ time whilst waiting for lengthy repairs to damaged systems and equipment.
  • Extend the life span of your expensive sensitive equipment.

When you need an electrician in Regina you can count on, one who will work around your schedule and perform professional, competitively priced work, count on Positive Electric.

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